Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.15 - Workshop Apex Repair Part 4

Today's tasks to complete the construction of the capping by covering the upper surface with roofing felt. Now roofing felt is quite easily damaged, so we put the capping on the grass so that when the tacks are hammered in the felt is on a soft surface.

The capping was laid upside down on the felt and the felt was wrapped over the wings and tacked place. A lump hammer was placed under the wing where the tack was to be hammered in to provide support. Without this the wood vibrates as the hammer hits the tack and the tack doesn't getup in properly. The felt was about 8" wider than needed so the excess was cut off and used to cover the last part of the capping as the length of the roll felt was about a yard too short.

We turned the capping the correct side up now that it is done so that any rain runs off.

Here you can see how we used the excess to cover the last part of the capping.

The problem we now face is that the entire thing is probably too heavy for the workshop roof as we have to push it up the roof to get it to the top and the bitumastic roofing sheets are not that strong. The weight of the capping on the bitumastic will almost certainly poke holes in the corrugated sheet. Still, a problem to be solved at the weekend and if we are not able to do it ourselves, then we'll just have to get a crane in to lift it up and in to place. That might be the better way to do it and not to worry about trying to do it ourselves. Once the capping is in position, the underlying trusses and purlins will support it.

I need a cup of tea while I ponder.