Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.14 - Workshop Apex Repair Part 3

Today's task was to attach the second wing to the capping. Before the wing could be attached it was necessary to clean up the surfaces that were to be glued since dried glue from the attaching the first wing had expanded and seeped out of the join. Then the second wing could be glued and screwed in place.

The capping ready for the second wing to be attached.

Ann hour or so later the second wing is attached and the butt blocks glued and screwed in place. They are offset from the first side  as I didn't want the joins in the wings to be in the same place as this would weaken the structure. The wings consist of four full 8' lengths of plywood plus a 3' 8" section to give the required 35' 8" length. The short end on the right-had wing as viewed in the above photo is at the nearer end of the capping and at the far end on the other side. Hopefully this will result is a fairly strong structure.

The capping will bereft until tomorrow afternoon when it should be string enough for the next stage, adding the roofing felt.