Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.13 - Workshop Apex Repair Part 2

Quite lot of work done on the capping piece this afternoon/evening but not many photos as we were busy!

The procedure went something like this:

  • Put out almost all the saw horses so that each of the long spine sections had three and the short section had two. 
  • Layout the spine so that is it more-or-less straight. 
  • Drill and thread M10 holes in the spine for the studding.
  • Screw the wings the capping piece to the spine. 
  • Remove the wings and put one side away for tomorrow. 
  • Cut a number of butt blocks for the wing and spine joints. 
  • Re-site the saw horses out of the way and where the spine will be straight and not crooked. 
  • Glue and screw the butt blocks over the underside the spine joins. 
  • Glue and screw one side offings to the spine using the previously made screw holes.
  • Glue and screw the butt blocks over the bottom section of the wing.
  • Turn the whole thing over to relieve the strain on the spine/wing joint.
  • Add some clamps to any areas where the join looks to need it.
  • Wait a few hours.
  • Remove the cramps before it gets cold and they get damp.

Here is the result of all that work.

The butt blocks over the spine joints are crudest they don\t need to look pretty as long as they reinforce the join.

Part 3 tomorrow (I hope).