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Mark Austen

2016.07.24 - Aloe, Aloe, Aloe...

One of the drawbacks of carpentry or any other task that requires working by hand with tools is the inevitable minor injuries that you suffer. My problem is tiredness. When I've been working for about two hours, sometimes three depending on the task, I become tired enough to start to lose my concentration and at that point I start making mistakes.

Mistakes in the work can usually be rectified but mistakes that cause injury are a little more irritating and quite often painful. Blood on the workpiece is also annoying especially if it stains.

I have learnt that one mistake in the work is allowable, but two means that I need to stop and have cup of tea and a sit down for an hour or so before continuing on. One minor injury and it is time to take a break. If it is more than a minor injury or a major mistake in the work then it's time to pack it in and come back the next day.

Yesterday I manage to touch the plastic outer covering of the drill chuck against the base of my thumb. Not normally a problem except I was drilling a hole at the time and the chuck was spinning fast. Despite almost instantly releasing the trigger the chuck wore the skin off where it touched.

A while ago a friend of ours gave us an Aloe Vera plant as hers had sprouted too much and she was giving away the extras. It has done very well on our kitchen table which in itself is somewhat remarkable since I normally manage to kill any house plant that I come into contact with.

Given the possible beneficial properties of the plant I decided to try it out. I say "possible" since there are no definitive studies that show that Aloe Vera has beneficial effects as yet but our friend says that it works for her.

So the Aloe Vera plant.

The is the injury a day later (I treated it with Aloe Vera soon after I did it).

Not bad but quite painful at the time.

Cut off a slice of the aloe plant.

Slice it open and apply the sticky jelly-like interior to the wound.

Now try to let it remain there without accidentally wiping it off on something without thinking.

Oh, and by the way Mark?

Yes, Mark?

Be a bit more careful next time, hm?