Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.12 - Workshop Apex Repair Part 1

The time has come to get the apex of the workshop roof repaired as the inconvenience of having tarpaulins all over the place has become too much and I'm putting off working in there so that I don't have to take down and put back the rain covers.

I ordered the materials last week and collected them today.

This is a short prototype of what I'll be constructing over the next few days. I made this to check that I had measured the angles correctly and to figure out how easy it was going to be to build this.

The two side piece of OSB are glued and screwed to a spine that has been cut to the same angle as the apex. The cutting is easy but what is not is locating the two side pieces in the correct place to be drilled and screwed. Cramps don't really hold well on angled surfaces.

So I cut two jigs so that the cramps will hold properly.

I cut each of the three pieces of OSB in half lengthways and then five of the resulting six pieces were cut in half again but with the saw blade set to 20 degrees which will allow the two pieces to fit together on the spine.

The table saw has a nice easy to set adjustment for the blade angle and to be honest, it's not that critical.

The timber that will form the spine was cut to form the apex angle. Each of these timbers is 15' 10" in length and the roof apex is 35'8" long so two piece of timber this length plus a short section of 4' will do the job.

Here are the three pieces of the spine ready to be assembled. I just need to cut some but blocks to cover the joins of the OSB and drill the threaded holes for the studding which will hold the capping piece down from the inside. 

Right now, however, I need a cup of tea to wash the sawdust out of my throat.

More in part 2.