Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.04.11 - Companion Horse

Horses are social animals and keeping horse by itself is effectively putting the horse in solitary confinement with all the problems associated with that. It is worse if the horse is used to being with other horses and this is the situation that we will be dealing with once the reenactment events start again. Rocky will be away with us and Hope will be left behind as usual but alone since Zahara is no longer with us.

So,Tina has been in the lookout for a companion horse. One that is mild-mannered and preferably does not need to be ridden and not a youngster.

This last week she found one and we have the loan of Lucy. Not sure what breed she Is but she is a pony not a horse, and cannot be ridden by children learning to ride, which was the reason her owners, a riding school, originally bought her. She can be ridden by experienced riders since every time she is ridden she starts of by bucking a few times before settling down.

So, we now have three horses although we only own two of them.

Lucy is currently in a separate area from Rocky and Hope as she is a newcomer and they will all need to get used to each other before being allowed to socialise normally.

This is Lucy shortly after arriving with Rocky and Hope in the background. Hope is still on the hardstanding but her cordoned off area is gradually being extended to include moer and more of the track so that she has more space in which to move and also more green stuff to eat. It is this last where we have to be very careful since it is the richness of the greenery that gave her the problem. Too much protein and sugars.

Notice in the photo that Rocky has placed himself between Lucy and Hope. This is Rocky protecting his herd from intruders and is normal behaviour. So I am told.

This isn't to say that Rocky has not introduced himself to Lucy as you can see he has, but right now he will do everything he can to keep Lucy away from Hope.

He will keep a careful eye on Lucy for several days before letting her join the herd.

Of course, he may never allow her to join in the which case she will have to go back to her owners. Time will tell.