Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2021.03.20 - Bread Making Revisited

One of the downsides of the diet I was on and still follow is the lack of bread. It's two downsides, really, since not only do I like eating bread, but I like making it as well.

Today I decided to make some bread but using only the kitchen equipment found on Naiad. I used the Hands-Free Turbo bread recipe but used only a third of the quantity. That way I can enjoy making some bread and eating it without fear of over-eating it. Fresh loaves of homemade bread don't last long in this house.

The oven consisted of my large Billy Can with Whiskey Stones in the bottom to absorb and re-radiate the heat, with a grill over the stones on which the bread will bake. The Billy Can rested on Naiad's alcohol stove.

Once the bread dough had been mixed, proved, degassed, proved again and put into a small stainless steel dish, the stove was lit and the oven allowed to heat up for a few minutes before the bread was placed on the rack and the lid put on.

I let the bread bake for twenty minutes before checking how it was doing, then after another twenty minutes and then another 10 minutes before taking the bread out.

As you can see, it looks pretty good.

Browned and crispy and sounding hollow when tapped, I think this counts as a success.

Of course, we won't know until it has cooled a bit and been taste tested but I'm fairly sure that it will be fine.

The nice thing as far as I am concerned is that this is bread made from scratch and not using a store-bough bread mix. I look forward to the day when I can do this when Naiad is on the water.

Twenty minutes later it was time to cut the load for a taste test.

Looks good and I can say with certainty that it tastes good. Not going to last very long though!

Now for a fresh cup of tea.