Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2020.11.25 - Droning On and On.

Today is forecast to be wet and a little windy but early this morning it was 9 Celsius with a wind of around 5 knots and overcast so I grabbed the opportunity to fly a drone. I had the batteries for one charged up so out I went for a session.

Since I'm not currently doing any drone commercial work, such flights are done to keep current and it is a requirement that drone pilots have a minimum of two hours flight time in the prior three months before they can legally carry out commercial work. This is to counteract "skill fade" which is the tendency of learned skills to fade with time if not used.

I just like flying but keeping current is an additional benefit.

Anyway, I was flying around the field when I noticed a large bird sitting in the top branches of one of our trees.

Not easy to see, but you can see a blob in the top of the the just left of centre.

So I flew a bit closer.

Definitely a bird of prey but not easy to see quite which one. So I flew a little closer and then zoomed in x4 to get a better look.

The bird was completely unconcerned by the drone flying quietly about 10 yards away. I would have liked to have been able to see this better, but I was recording in 1080p resolution instead of 4k so I didn't have the detail to be able to zoom in further during post-processing and I didn't want to fly any closer for obvious reasons. 

The bird eventually flew away and I was concerned that the drone had disturbed it but when I swung around to follow it I found that it was on the ground in the next field over eating something.

It is a Common Buzzard according to the bird books I have.

A very satisfying flight.

Time for a cup of tea and back to work.