Captain's Table

Mark Austen

2016.05.24 - Easier Walking

For the last few months the pain in my Achilles tendons has prevented me from walking properly, in fact I've been reduced to a hobble. This has been going on for two or three years now, firstly just being a pain after much exercise to the state I'm in now.

Or the state I was in until yesterday. During the afternoon I received a parcel containing two of these things:

These are called a number of things from Cam Boots to Walker Boots but the idea is that wearing them prevents the user from flexing the ankle. This particular boot has an adjustment to allow movement from 0 to 40 degrees. They are specially made for people with tendon problems and I've started wearing them on both legs.

The first thing to get used to, apart from the weight, is the height. When wearing them I'm about 2" taller than I used to be and I have to watch my head in the living room as the beams are lower than my new height.

The walking action is funny as well and particularly awkward when going down the stairs, but the positive thing is that I no longer hobble. Because my ankles are held in place by these boots I can walk around with long legged strides without pain and it's great.

Of course, I wouldn't walk to walk any distance in them, that's what the wheelchair is for, but I can see that the tendon problem is going to get better even after just one day of wear. My tendons are not hurting and that is worth the £60 I paid for the boots.

The cats don't like them at all and run away whenever I walk near them. They act normally when I'm sitting down but as soon as I get up they are gone! I expect they'll get used to it.

As for Tina she calls me RoboKilt as when wearing them I look like I might be auditioning for a part as a Scottish RoboCop!