Captain's Table

Mark Austen

The box side are held together by hinges. These are not there to allow the sides to fold up, merely to hold the box together and for this reason you should not use the box for transporting things. This box is designed to be put into your tent, put together and then to have items placed inside it.

So, take 8 hinges and remove the centre pins.
You'll notice that I'm using a hinge that is not your normal door hinge. This is because this type of hinge allows me to grind off a little of the outer part allowing the inner part to fit easily. Normally the two parts of the hinges are a tight fit to prevent the door from sagging. If you were to use a normal door hinge this would be difficult to achieve with as many as 8 bits to grind down per hinge. You can see the difference in the hinges I'm using (just) in the following two photos:
The new hinge pins are made from a wire coat hanger. I cut the wire long enough to go through two hinges at a time and formed a loop at one end.
Fitting the hinges to the box needs to done carefully since if you get it wrong, the box will not go together. I use the following method:

Put two hinges onto the new hinge pin and place on the inside of one of the side panels and position the hinges so that the top loop of the pin does not protrude above the plywood. Offer up the side piece and push the hinges against it.
Carefully remove the hinge pin ensuring that the hinges do not move and mark the centre of each screw hole with a sharp, soft pencil.
Remove the hinges and the end panel, carefully drill pilot holes for the screws and fix the hinges to the side panel. Now put the other parts of the hinge in place and insert the hinge pin.
Offer up the end panel ensuring that the top edges are exactly aligned and mark the screw holes as before. Remove the hinges, drill the pilot holes in the end panel and fix the second parts of the hinge to the end panel. If all goes well you should be able to put the two pieces together and insert the hinge pin without difficulty.
Repeat this procedure for the other three corners of the box. The result should look something like this: