Captain's Table

Mark Austen

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2021.05.29 - Adjusting the Table Saw II

My aim was to complete the adjustment of the table saw so that by the end of the day these was back in the workbench and ...more

2021.05.28 - Adjusting the Table Saw

There are many videos on the InterWeb showing how the adjust a table sawed why. There are even a few specifically for the ...more

2021.05.27 - Sorting Out Things in the Workshop

Now that I have a bright, shiny and mostly waterproof workshop I've been tidying and sorting things out. Each time I find a hole in the ...more

2021.05.15 - Workshop Illumination III

I'm pleased to report that not only are all ten floodlights installed the workshop, but they all work....more

2021.05.11 - Back on the Diet, the Progress

So how is this going? Well, to answer that I have first to tell you that I trained as an engineer many years ago and as a result I measure ...more